The Best Short Hairstyles for Round Face

Short Hairstyles for Round Face – Short hairstyles for round face are the one that should camouflage the roundness of the face instead of highlight it. That is why texture, layers, bangs or fringe play a major role for round face. Whether is blonde or brunnete, curly or straight, the neck and the face must be really shown to gave an effect of a long neck and less wide face. That is why round face will look more pretty if they had a short hairstyle.

One of the tips for round shape faces are long layers are more preferable intsead a short layers, it will made your face look it had more length then before. For the bangs, layered bangs are more recommended to create a slender shaped neck. if you want to have curls or your hair are curls, it is better to had the curls in the crown instead of having them on the side. Curls on the side will gave an effect that your face are wider, whereas that is the effect that we want to camouflage. Gentle waves are also will be very nice to apply for round shaped face, whey will give a thinner immpresion on your face. And the last tips short hairstyles for round face should apply is that the haircut must be kept close to the face, this one is for making the face less wider.

If you ask what then the most ideal short hairstyles for round face? Then the answer usually will be the bob hairstyle. This hairstyle had a long layered cut, layered bangs, no curls, a very gentle waves, and the haircut kept close to the face. If you would apply something trendy then you could just make it more layered with spikes on top of the head. Just remember that morover to the round shaped face you should adjust the hairstyles with your personality.